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Dalian from North Korea Nanpu port container shipping services is the advantage of our services, can provide customers with China's exports, North Korea imports, Dalian transit clearance procedures, such as one-stop service.

Container shipping to the North Korean port of Nanpu (Nampo) shipping process: other domestic ports through domestic shipping by sea to Dalian Port, in Dalian Port ocean shipping again to the North Korean port of Nanpu port; a foreign advanced export to Dalian in Dalian Port, then to the North Korean port of Nanpu ocean shipping. Nanpu port import process: Nanpu port to Dalian customs clearance or transfer to Dalian and then with foreign trade ship to foreign countries. Shipment: domestic shipping to Dalian, Dalian customs, Dalian Foreign Trade Week class ship, 1 days to Nanpu. Division I with a number of large domestic shipping companies to establish a long-term cooperation relationship, can provide a variety of schedules and tariffs for customer choice.

Note: 1, so far, only the opening of Dalian Port to Nanpu container port, other domestic or foreign goods have to do the transfer in Dalian, the need for transit formalities. 2, different from other countries, unless it is a self owned container, exports to North Korea need to pay a deposit box, a large cabinet 10 thousand, 20 thousand, if the freezer price higher, in the case of return to Dalian yard before the designated deposit refund. Delivery 3, Nanpu port is port devanning, client need to communicate as soon as possible to the consignee unpacking, timely box to return to Dalian, in order to reduce the cost of the box.